Compressed air costs you more than you think. The average performance of your compressors is 10%. The other 90% is heat and is lost immediately. A German study has shown that up to 35% of compressed air in European industry is lost due to leaks. Savings of several thousands of euros are therefore easy to demonstrate and achieve.

KDS specialises in the tracing and reporting of compressed air leakages in industry. We provide an extensive report in which we not only identify the location of the leak, we also compare the costs of the losses and those of repairs. There is also an option to be accompanied by a KDS technician during the measurements, who under our guidance will already solve a large part of the leakage problem for you. With short lines and by keeping our focus on leaks of compressed air and technical gases, we can create an enormous savings potential for you in a short time.


Flow measurements

KDS will be pleased to advise you about the different flow measurement options. In our opinion flow measurements should not be a temporary matter - they should form part of the permanent monitoring of one of the more expensive energy sources in industry (compressed air). We can use a flow measurement to clarify a number of things;

We can fit a flow meter without production loss and still under pressure, and advise you about the options associated with both mobile and fixed setups.

Quality measurements

These can comprise a combination of the following:


We have references from all sectors, and should you so require we can present you with a number of reports from your sector.

Short films

A number of practical examples:

Compressed air leakage

Leak in oxygen hose

Compressed air leakage in coupling

Hazardous temporary solution

Clearly traceable leak

Example membrane leakage
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