KDS is the importer of the ultrasonic leak detector from the German company Sonotec. Each leak of compressed air, gas or from a vacuum causes an ultrasonic sound. These sounds are only partly audible to the human ear, or are lost in the noise of production processes.

With the Sonaphone these signals are received by the ultrasonic microphone and converted to an audible and visible signal. The advantage of this detector is that the background noise can be eliminated during measuring. This allows the detecting of any leak during production. The magnitude of the leak is shown on a light emitting diode bar. Red for a large leak, yellow for a medium leak and green for a minor leak.

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Spaces with explosion hazard

We use the Sonaphone EX for measurements in spaces with an explosion hazard (category II 2 G). This more extensive ultrasonic leak detector has an integrated datalogger for 1,000 measuring points. Also available is an option for temperature measurements between 0 and 300°C, and infrared reading to your computer.

Atex Ex

It is also possible to use an external transmitter that sends out three strong ultrasonic sound signals (Sonaphone T) to measure spaces and/or compartments for leak-tightness. Examples of such spaces may include a freezer unit, silo, engine compartment or a porthole. The Sonaphone can also be used in ATEX zones.

Where can you deploy the Sonotec leak detector?

You can use the Sonaphone in places such as the following:

Common causes of compressed air leaks are:


Click on the links alongside to download the different Sonaphone brochures in .pdf format. You need Adobe Reader to open these files. This program can be downloaded free.

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